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Anakin Skywalker stood before the rows of T-65As lined up on the light grey duracrete tarmac, observing the ground crews that were working feverishly to accomplish the refueling and pre-flight inspections. He noticed Luke slowing walking in between the two lines of fighters, appearing to admire them. Anakin couldn’t fault him; they were well-designed craft, and perhaps just as nimble as some of the ones he flew nearly twenty years ago. He strode forward to meet up with his son, flight helmet in hand.

“They remind me of the old ARC-170s from the Clone Wars,” Anakin remarked nostalgically. “Much larger than these X-Wings. But boy could they take punishment and dish it out.”

“I’ve heard Commander Dreis go on and on about it,” Luke replied, eyes tracing the long nose and fuselage of the closest X-Wing. “He says nothing he’s ever flown can match them. I’d say Tarkin’s in for a nasty surprise.” Anakin smiled briefly.

“But don’t go in over your head,” he warned. “It’s easy for Dominion fighters to swarm up and isolate you from your wingmen. TIEs’ may not have shields, but they’re fast and nimble, and can be just as lethal if you underestimate them…”

“All pilots, man your stations!”An announcement called over Aldera Base’s broadcast system. “All pilots, man your stations!”  

“That’s our cue, Luke.” Anakin said, donning his helmet. “Be careful up there. Stay focused, but extend your senses when you need them.” Luke nodded.

“I will.” Anakin clasped Luke’s shoulder, looking into his blue eyes.

“May the Force be with you, Son. Always.” He let go, and Luke jogged away towards his assigned starfighter. Anakin turned and hustled to his own, resting at the alert spot on the tarmac.

The long rose of the X-Wing bore some carbon-scoring along its red paint scheme, conveying that it had seen plenty of action despite its relatively young frame. He looked above at the astromech droid slot, occupied not by Artoo, but an olive drabbed R4. Despite Artoo’s reservations, Anakin insisted that the droid fly with Luke. He would need the plucky droid’s wealth of in-flight repair knowledge. And, he couldn’t help but notice the bond the two of them built over their recent journey.

Anakin climbed up the boarding ladder, looking over at the astromech unit.

“Ready to go, R4?” he asked. A high-pitched “bleep!” was a positive response.

“Good.” He settled into the cockpit, and began the preflight procedures. He could hear the whir of the starter kick on as he toggled the repulsorlift start switch, followed by the whine of the sublights in idle as he kicked on the sublight standby switch. Systems check were proceeding well, electrical systems green, engines green, life support green, and finally, weapons and shields green.

Moments passed before Anakin received the clearance for launch, via code. He nodded to the marshaller, who raised her glow wands and began waving him out. He increased the repulsorlift power and the X-Wing gently lifted from its parking spot. Anakin looked back down towards the surface.

One by one, each Red Squadron X-Wing arose from its spot, carried by repulsorlift engines into the air, followed by Blue’s. Gold and Green Squadron’s Y-Wings quickly followed suite, and soon, the whole wing was accelerating into Alderaan’s azure sky, towards their nemesis.


Anakin’s X-Wing edged just so slightly in front of Red Squadron’s formation, the dark grey sphere of the Death Star looming ahead, with the tranquil world of Alderaan behind them. To his aft starboard side was Lieutenant Skywalker, taking right screening position. His own son. And both of them were about to tackle the greatest technological terror the Republic… no, the Galaxy had ever seen.

Memories from the past two days poured in. The rendezvous with Leia and Commander Solo on Tatooine; Artoo and Threepio’s recovery from the Dominion Garrison on Eriadu; their capture by the Death Star; Obi-Wan’s sacrifice against Darth Maul to ensure their escape. And now, here they were: defending Alderaan from the callous tyranny of Executor Wilhuff Tarkin, against impossible odds. But Anakin knew one thing: the Force was with them. Even at their darkest hour.

“Red boys, this is Red Leader,” Anakin spoke over the comm-channel. “All wings report in…”
An excerpt of the Galaxy that could've been (had Anakin worked with Mace to fight Darth Sidious). Updated with more material :)

Star Wars is a copyright of Lucasfilms Ltd., subsidiary of Disney, All Rights Reserved.

The Star Wars d6 RPG is a copyright of West End Games, All Rights Reserved.
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This was a decent start to what I hope to be an ongoing series. The description and feel of it was captivating enough that I feel there is so much more potential to come of this.

However, I did notice some typos here and there which was a tad distracting, but nothing overwhelming.

Other than that, I like this AU of Anakin able to father his son and him fighting the good fight instead of falling to the Dark Side.

A lot of unanswered questions but I hope you help the readers by filling in the gaps with more content in the future! Thanks for sharing this and hope to see more soon!
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Wisky-08 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2016
Me too must have more 
Mangetsu20 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I want to see more before I make a thorough critique
Shoguneagle Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2016
Updated the excerpt with more material. Hope you enjoy it!
Mermanwatch Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016
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