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Name: Viyyl-class superdreadnaught
Origin: I’llsuuril Imperium/Imperium Navy
Manufacturer: I’llsuuril Imperium Primary Naval Yards
Type: Extragalactic superdreadnaught
Control System: Bridge w/reflexive awareness control stations
Length: 29.5 kilometers
Width: 4.1 kilometers
Main Drive: 12 x 16,000 GW
Secondary Powerplant: 4 x 8,000 GW
Main Thrusters: 16 x Kinetic Energy Propulsion Engines
Verniers: N/A (uses Inertialess Manipulation Unit)
Acceleration: up to 100 kps (kilometers per second) (maximum space acceleration); 0.25 light years per second (faster-than-light capability)
Onboard Sensors: Omnidirectional Sensor Countermeasures System (OSCS), advanced fire control system, infrared/ultraviolet/X-ray, lidar, low-light, electromagnetics sensor suite, microwaves, motion detectors, neutrino-pierce scanning system (NPSS), radcounter, early warning time/space detector, gravitational lensing telescope, warp entrance/emergence detection system
Fixed Armament: 600 x anti-particle beam emitters, 600 x positron beam cannons, 1,200 x point-defense positron guns,  80 x long-range antimatter missile tubes, 10 x subdimensional missile launchers
Additional Armament/Compliment: 82,728 crew, 7,890 officers, 16,524 marines, 48,820 support staff/civilians, 24,448 infantry; 600 warp-capable fighters, 56 warp-capable bombers, 24 early-warning/reconnaissance craft, 80 dropships, 750 surface vehicles (armor, light attack vehicles, etc.)
Defensive Systems: Quasi-quantum/tungsten ablative armor plating, layer sustained-enveloping kinetic/matter energy shields
Equipment: 12 x launch tubes (small craft), 2 x launch bays (heavy craft), 66 hangars for ferried craft, dark matter tunneling drive, emergency Time/Space Warp teleportation system, advanced Higgs-Boson Accumulation Generator, Time/Space Warp Drive
The I'llsurril (Gliesen) Imperium Viyyl-class superdreadnaught, one of the largest and most powerful vessels in service to the First Galactic Defense Fleet of the Federation of the Milky Way.

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Colourbrand Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Viyyl...villains?
Shoguneagle Featured By Owner Edited Jan 7, 2017
The Gliesen Imperium (or the I'llsurril as they refer to themselves) is actually one of several superpowers bound into the Federation of the Milky Way, not unlike the Galactic Terran Union or the Vilini Commonwealth. The Viyyl-class is one of their largest superdreadnaughts, with the name "Viyyl" originating from a legendary weapon in their mythology, said to vanquish giant monsters with a single strike. Given that this ship is equipped with subdimensional missiles, it seemed apt.
Colourbrand Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

This is a man who knows his sci-fi Kung-Fu!!
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