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I haven't been particularly vocal on DeviantArt about the 2016 Presidential Election. One journal entry, and a bunch of replies to one of the artists I watch regarding his support for the abolishment of the Electoral College pretty much sums it up.

Something today evoked another response from me, this time to convey my utter distaste for modern American politics and the absolute toxic mindset that has consumed our psyche.

Last Saturday, a soldier by the name of John Perry, a Sergeant in the United States Army was killed in Afghanistan. His father, Stewart, was flying back with his family, to bring his son's body home to be buried. The delay that was necessary to make the accommodations and seat them resulted in the family being booed by the other passengers when they boarded (news link below).

So, here we are again as nation, with the same very rhetoric emerging that Vietnam War veterans faced from the general population. The hate, the mistrust, the insults, and the mistreatment that buried an entire generation of men who served in an unpopular war. And right on the heels of one of the most divisive elections in our nation's history.

Quite frankly, I'm embarrassed to be an American today. I'm tired of the crybabies of my own generation, huddled in the fetal position because their champion didn't get elected. I'm tired of their whole narrative, as if the world owes them a single goddamn thing. I'm tired of "liberal America," which is a pale, desiccated corpse of its classical ideals, who now support corporatists, warmongers, the establishment politicians, and the mainstream media that pollute our very minds with the single-minded hivespeak. Most of all, I'm tired of a nation that time and time again, turns its back on those who've served and defended it.

If D.C. falls, I'm inclined to let the barbarians take it. Because fuck 'em.…
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Colourbrand Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohhhh yes....I heard about this - and I was appalled!

The family has lost a child - he maybe old enough to fight, but to a parent, he is a child. Typical parasitic lifeforms who believe in f/king Utopia!! :rage:

Yes, I hear about the "loss of the champion"; many morons think that Hilary will pave the way for ethnic minorities and women! BULLSHIT!!! She cast an illusion of such a matter, and too many fell for it.

The defeat I found utterly funny: look up someone called Rachel Maddox of CNN (I think); she's a Clinton supporter; her reaction is priceless.

Interesting, the greatest laugh to me is the amount of people, in positions of power, like Hollonde, Merkel, and such, who SLAGGED off Trump, are now cosying up to him. Hell, one of his BIGGEST critics, a feminist I think, has been hired as HIS Foreign Secretary! And she took the post!!

This election, to me sums up what is wrong in the world; we are willing to sell our souls and beliefs for a cup of rice....

Nothing against Donald....just the entire hypocrisy of the rich - like demonstrated here, against this poor family and their son.
Shoguneagle Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016
I've read people replies to me on Facebook, attempting to pick the situation apart, with remarks such as:

"Oh, it was people in the First Class cabin." 

"The wealthy elites were responsible. Don't lump other people on the same flight with them."

My point was that it should've never happened to begin with, from anyone sitting in any section. It was a hideous gesture of disrespect to a family that lost a loved one. And it was the same sort of rhetoric unconsciously fueled by other events, in my opinion.

The DNC made a colossal mistake in adapting the "social justice" narrative to Hillary's campaign. It doesn't sell well (or often, at all) to the average American that is concerned with keeping their job and feeding their family. It painted her as an out-of-touch elitist, which she is. The "basket of deplorables" remark proved that, and no matter how much the progressive left downplays it or attributes the Trump victory to something else, that in itself played into the national psyche. It turned people away, even other Democrats, as the percentages that crossed over to vote for Trump averaged around 8 to 9%, which was double the amount of people that voted for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

Politics is pretty much visual and verbal smoke and mirrors anyhow. No one really knows what they stand for, until they take action with hindsight being 20/20.
Colourbrand Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you on this; and I so agree on so many levels about this!

It should never have happened; again the cloud dwellers regard anyone who has lost a loved on in any war (justified or not) as complicit; soldiers go where their commanders tell them to go! Does not mean we should treat a grieving family ill-respect! In the UK, those f/ks would have been stoned!!!

As for the election - I am finding it funny - especially the crawling backtracks by many who claimed that Trump was unfit to lead!! Now, they all want to sleep with him!!!

On that, they are saying that the US and voting machines were tampered by the Russians!!

So, the fact that US people made a choice that did not sit well with the cloud dwellers, was down to misguidance? Just goes to show who the real tyrants are...

Cheers my friend!

BTW, have another pic planned for your Spirals of Tomorrow ;)
Shoguneagle Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
Ooooh... looking forward to that (more Spirals content, naturally)!

I've pretty much settled with America's political situation at this point. The candidate I supported/voted for, Gary Johnson, didn't have a chance. But I voted specifically to further along the much needed change that the bicameral, partisan system that is the American electoral process needs. If the current situation progresses as I anticipate it, a new political order may possibly emerge, devoid of Democratic/Republican trappings. That is a good thing, in my humble opinion.

I don't sweat the whole "Russians influenced the election!" claim. It reeks of Cold War-era hysteria, which ironically, was condemned by the left of that era. The sole thing that disturbs me about it is the collusion exhibited by the CIA, the outgoing presidential administration, and our very own mainstream media on the issue. Just how much did they have invested in a Hillary victory?
firestorm31z Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017
with regard to gary johnson, are you aware of his comments regarding gays & christians?
Shoguneagle Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
I recall the bit about if it were up to him, he'd force bakers to make wedding cakes for anyone, regardless of religious beliefs. Which I don't agree with, namely because it violates the right for private businesses to refuse service. Honestly, if Rand Paul had been the GOP pick, he would've had my vote; but as it stood, Gary was closest to my political leanings this election, even though are many issues I disagree with him on, but not near to the extent of Clinton and Trump.
firestorm31z Featured By Owner Edited Apr 11, 2017
ok, I was just wondering.

I told some people who supported Gary about his position regarding gays & christians.  they didn't know about that and changed to some other candidate.

Ted Cruz was my choice after I dropped Gary Johnson.

Libertarian party has some problems with their plank.  open borders is one of them.
Colourbrand Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist more thing.

Be yourself :)
Colourbrand Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

No matter what passed between us, I will always respect you my friend, and I will (unless you say otherwise) continue to do great art. I admire you :salute:

As for what you say, very true on so many fronts; alas, the cloud dwellers cannot contemplate that people like you have.....

....hmmmm...what is it?

Ah yeah - Free will!!

They think that you MUST vote their way; that any choice makes you either narrow minded, bigoted, or dimwitted. I say this to anyone and everyone - BE yourself.

As for the Hilary Campaign, I think the cost is in the hundred of millions; I think that is part of the reason they are so pissed now.

All that lovely money, gone.

Realmwright Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Even if we don't support the war, or the politicians who started it, we MUST support the soldiers - especially those on the front lines!
I thank servicemen and women, buy them a meal, shake their hand etc.

Think about this: we have an all volunteer military. That means they are choosing to go. They may not understand the hell of war better than anyone else who hasn't seen it first hand, but they make a commitment to serve anyway. By them asking to go, it means the choice isn't being taken for the rest us.
MidoriNoHonoo Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Student General Artist
I get booing Politicians if you don't approve of a war, by all means, but never the soldiers, they put their lives on the line to protect their country and it's people, and especially booing the family of a dead soldier, thats sickening, it puts you on the same level as the Westborough Baptist Church when they picket the funerals of soldiers, absolutely disgusting.
MrWonderWorks Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hey Shoguneagle, Check Out My Journal About My Feelings For President Donald OK?
Shoguneagle Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016
I've read what you've posted, and I'm more than pleased to see yourself and other people standing up and being adults post-election. An outcome of two bad options doesn't have to divide Americans.
MrWonderWorks Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks Man.
ExTank Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm (probably) from the "other side" of the political spectrum (actually, fiscal conservatism/social Libertarianism), and I think you're not only hitting the nail on the head, you've driven it straight through the board.

The linked article says it was the first-class cabin that booed; way to keep it classy, folks.

For Sergeant John Perry:…
Shoguneagle Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016
Nope, I'm in line with the same sort of principles. But I accept alternatives and opposing styles of political thinking, so long as they don't attempt to drown out my views.
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