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Ship from the Long Night: Discovered along the trailing edge of one of Andromeda’s spiral arms, this near-matte black vessel remains one of the biggest mysteries yet to be unlocked by the Union of Andromeda Xenoarcheological Corps. With a narrow, angular hull composed of an unknown element, it lacks any sort of access door or portal, and external features seem to be minimalistic, perhaps relying on components capable of phase-shifting in and out of a state of normal matter. Since no sensor had been able to penetrate the outer hull of the ship, any further study of the ship required the use of archaic carbon-dating and radiological dating techniques, which yielded an even greater mystery: no age could be determined for the craft. The theories began to range into fantastical (or even nonsensical) territory. While some xenoarcheologists speculate that the craft originated from a long-extinct species from Andromeda, others suggest a more implausible origin: that the vessel is in fact, from another universe that has long descended into a degeneracy epoch, and is likely only populated by black holes that continue to evaporate their energy. They explain the reason for a lack of visible access door is because trillions upon trillions of years of decay have effectively fossilized the vessel, and that nearly all distinctive features, to include its original hull color, have faded away.  The only plausible reason for how such a relic could appear in another universe is that it was “ejected” from its own when a space-time rip at the very edge occurred from uncontrollable dark energy expansion.
The beginning of some of the mysterious objects that populated the Spirals of Tomorrow setting, starting with the Ship from the Long Night.

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C05M0NAUT Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Dang, seems like an event that would fit right in Stellaris. :0
Colourbrand Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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November 23, 2016


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